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Dr. Greg Ross Appointed Vice President Academic and Research Impact

April 9, 2019

SUDBURY, ON –  Health Sciences North (HSN) and the Health Sciences North Research Institute (HSNRI) have appointed Dr. Greg Ross as Vice-President, Academic and Research Impact, effective May 1st.

Dr. Ross is the current MAG Aerospace Industrial Research Chair in Environment and Health Surveillance and Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience in the Division of Medical Sciences at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM). He holds cross-appointments in the Department of Biology and in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Laurentian University and in the Department of Anthropology at Lakehead University.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Ross join HSN and HSNRI,” said Dominic Giroux, President and CEO of HSN and HSNRI. “He brings a wealth of experience in academic and research leadership, teaching and research, as well as a deep knowledge of our Northern Ontario partners.”

“It will be a privilege for me to work with the health-care professionals, employees and learners at HSN and HSNRI,” explained Dr. Ross. “Together, we will enable HSN to progress as an academic health science center through regional, provincial, national and internal collaborations. We have exciting outcomes to deliver on as part of the new 2019-2024 Strategic Plan of HSN and HSNRI,” concluded Dr. Ross.

A professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine for the past 15 years, Dr. Ross also served as Associate Dean, Research from 2004 to 2014. During that time, he secured more than $10 million in funding for NOSM. He rose through the ranks as faculty member at Queen’s University from 1995 to 2004 becoming Associate Professor and Queen’s National Scholar in the Departments of Physiology, Biology and Environmental Sciences, after serving in the Departments of Medicine and Pharmacology & Toxicology.

“I congratulate Greg on his appointment at HSN and HSNRI,” commented Dr. Roger Strasser, Dean and CEO of NOSM. “Greg developed a collaborative environment for research activities that exist within NOSM, across the North, and at both a national and international level. He is a strong collaborator, as well as a dynamic, innovative, thoughtful and personable leader.”

Dr. Ross holds an Honours B.Sc. from Simon Fraser University, a PhD from McMaster University and completed post-doctoral training at Queen’s University. His research interests include environmental medicine and remote sensing, medical geography, neutraceuticals and the green economy, drug discovery, as well as Indigenous and rural health. He has supervised more than 20 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Dr. Ross has published 80 manuscripts and 74 abstracts while being a keynote speaker, in high demand across Canada, in the United States, Denmark and Sweden. He is an inventor of more than 40 individual patents and co-founder of two biotechnology companies. Since 1995, he has secured more than $12.6 million in funding for his research program.

The appointment was recommended by a 13-member committee composed of HSN and HSNRI board members and senior leaders, postsecondary education partners, an HSN department chief, an HSNRI senior scientist, and a patient and family advisor.

Dr. Ross’s appointment, funded by HSNRI, follows a decision to bring together teams from HSN and HSNRI that currently report to four vice-presidents and that all contribute to strengthening the academic and research impact of the organization—one of the key goals in the 2019-2024 Strategic Plan. He will lead all HSNRI operations including ICES North, as well as what is currently known as HSN’s Academic Affairs, the Labelle Innovation and Learning Centre (including the Simulation Lab), support to our 2,100 medical and non-medical learners and the HSN Library.

Dr. Ross will be the successor to HSN’s VP of Medical and Academic Affairs, Dr. Chris Bourdon, whose term ends in June and who will now serve as part-time HSN Medical Director, Relationship with NOSM and the Northern Ontario Academic Medicine Association, and will continue to serve as an Emergency Department physician and Assistant Professor at NOSM. Dr. Ross will also be the successor of HSNRI’s VP of Research, Dr. Janet McElhaney, who will continue to serve as HSNRI Scientific Director, HSN Volunteer Association Research Chair in Healthy Aging, geriatrician and Professor at NOSM.

Background – HSN and HSNRI Strategic Plan

The 2019-2024 Strategic Plan articulates three specific outcomes supporting the key goal to “Strengthen our Academic and Research Impact.” By 2024, we will:

  • Foster an inter-professional learning culture where every learner is welcomed and supported. Expectations around patient care, teaching and research will be embedded in all relevant performance plans and job descriptions. Medical leadership roles will have a dual accountability to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.
  • Champion a regional health innovation cluster starting with Laurentian University, Lakehead University, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Thunder Bay Regional Health Institute and the newly-launched Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) North.
  • Support research efforts of researchers and medical staff that are favourably peer-reviewed, partially funded through external sources and involve collaborations. Support will include space and access to HSNRI scientists, inclusive of ICES North, statisticians, grant-writers and administrative staff. Collaborative research towards Cancer Solutions, Cardiovascular Health, Healthy Aging and Indigenous Health will be advanced.