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Validation Phase Complete

November 5, 2018

During the validation phase, we heard from over 645 individuals through our Dotmocracy sessions, small focus groups and website. To date, over 300 staff at Health Sciences North (HSN) and Health Sciences North Research Institute (HSNRI), 20 physician leaders, 40 health care partners including learners and volunteers, and nearly 200 patients and families have contributed. Over 260 people contributed their feedback through this website.

During the month of October, small focus groups were also held with HSN’s Patient and Family advisors, Ethics committee and Medical Advisory Committee, Atikameksheng Anishnawbeck (Whitefish Lake First Nation), elected MPP’s from the Northeast, and partnering hospitals in the region. Both HSN’s Board and HSNRI’s Board also participated in a Dotmocracy session. HSN’s Medical Staff will have an opportunity to contribute at the final Dotmocracy session on November 7th.

Most participants enjoyed the Dotmocracy process and welcomed the opportunity to shape the development of the Strategic Plan. One of HSN’s Patient and Family Advisors shared, “Dotmocracy is a very tactile approach that encourages involvement of everyone. You can clearly see trends in the feedback which will strengthen the final plan.”

One of our staff commented, “I like how you can do this on your own time, read through at your own pace and not feel pressured to explain why you agree/disagree.”  Another staff stated, “I really liked the process. It was a great interactive way of getting input. Definitely better than any other method I have seen.”

All of the data collected via the Dotmocracy sessions and the website survey, will be analyzed and shared with the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. Feedback will be incorporated into the final draft of the plan which will be discussed at the Steering Committee’s sixth and final meeting on November 19th. Thank you to all who have contributed to the process.