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Electronic Brainstorming Sessions with Erik Lockhart

April 13, 2018

Erik Lockhart facilitating electronic brainstorming session

During April 10-12, we welcomed Erik Lockhart, Associate Director of the Queen’s Executive Decision Centre, to facilitate nine electronic brainstorming sessions at HSN.

Throughout the three days and evenings, 360 participants attended the sessions. This included HSN and HSNRI staff members, physicians, learners, scientists, volunteers, patient and family advisors, community partners and members of the general public.

The electronic brainstorming process is innovative and collaborative, and encouraged participants to share their feedback in an open and transparent environment, regarding the hopes, aspirations, opportunities and the challenges, for the future of HSN and HSNRI.

Strategic questions were asked and groups entered ideas on the laptops provided. The ideas were then shared on a big screen, where they were merged, themed and moved around as needed. After some discussion, each group voted on the ideas that they felt were top priorities.

Following each session, the participants received a concise summary of their group’s findings, so that they left the session with a clear sense of the group’s common themes.

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