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Let’s Get Together For A Brainstorming Session

March 22, 2018

Join us on either April 10, 11 or 12 in Conference Room A & B at Health Sciences North, Ramsey Lake Health Centre, 41 Ramsey Lake Rd., for one of nine Electronic Brainstorming Session.

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What is electronic brainstorming?

The process is extremely fun, accessible and user-friendly. Questions are asked and people enter ideas on laptops, all the ideas get shared on a big screen, and can be merged, themed and moved around as needed. After some discussion around the ideas, the group can go back to the laptops and vote on the top ideas. The system then collects and ranks the results, at which point the group can then further discuss, and/or take the top ideas and flush them out or develop action plans.

The session held on April 11th at 5pm will be bilingual.

About The Facilitator: Erik Lockhart is the Associate Director of the Queen’s Executive Decision Centre. Mr. Lockhart designs and facilitates meetings using group decision support technology and other more traditional meeting processes. He has led over 1550 sessions for groups undertaking strategic plans, community consultations, marketing plans, budgets, competitive analysis, stakeholder analysis, organization redesign, and focus groups.